how to buy "the small print"

You can now buy "The Small Print" in a number of ways, confident in the knowledge that in the first twelve weeks of sale over 1000 copies were purchased by readers like yourself looking to both celebrate good writing and help a worthy cause such as the British Heart Foundation:

  • If you live in or visit Edinburgh, you can buy "The Small Print" at Waterstone's Princes Street branch or, alternatively, brush up on hundreds of years of history at the Museum on the Mound where you can also purchase a copy
  • If you work for Lloyds Banking Group, please go to Interchange and search "The Small Print" for more details on how to buy
  • Elsewhere, you can buy by post in the following way: send a cheque for £5 per book, made payable to "Lloyds Banking Group Charity Book 2009", to Lloyds Banking Group Charity Book, 3rd Floor, 1 Lochrin Square, 92 - 98 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9QA
  • Finally, you can now buy "The Small Print" online: stocks the book and also donates proceeds to two charities, the British Heart Foundation itself and the Woodlands Trust.  Click here to view their webpage 
  • If you'd prefer to get your copy via eBay, please do so here

However you choose to buy the book, we genuinely hope you enjoy your purchase.  Any feedback is most welcome.  If you'd like to contact any of the writers, please click here for further details.


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