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Welcome to the official website of the collection of short stories and poems entitled "The Small Print".

"The Small Print" is the culmination of the joint efforts of a broad range of Lloyds Banking Group colleagues, all fascinated in some way or other by the act of putting pen to paper and dreaming of other people, places and worlds. An act of imaginative fiction, with an astute combination of poetry and prose, which is revealed in the words of Alan Campbell's introduction:
In the following pages you will find surprises, and even some carefully crafted linguistic traps. There are strange and wonderful ideas: a lingering ghost with one final task to accomplish; a music lover with a glass heart; a phantasm seen only in reflections; and an audacious art scam to make even Martin Creed blush (or, possibly, applaud).

However, in each case the writer's motive is not to confound or debar, but to entertain and enlighten. These are stories and poems written with imagination, talent, and – above all – heart, which is apt when we note the charity the writers have chosen to support. On this occasion I hope you'll be glad you've read the small print for all the right reasons.
In support of the LBG charity of the year, British Heart Foundation, back in March 2009 these literary colleagues wondered how best they could use their collective skills to further such a good cause - and, as a result, under the guiding hand of editor Steven Prevost and sponsor Philip Grant, have finally managed to bring to fruition this magical collection of new writing from Edinburgh and across the nation.

So magical, in fact, that twelve weeks after its launch at the Edinburgh Book Festival, upwards of 1000 copies had already been sold. Now it's the turn of a much wider group of readers to encounter the delights to be found thoughtfully bound within the heartfelt covers of "The Small Print".

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